Mortgage Fraud Help

Mortgage Fraud Help

How to get mortgage fraud help and what it is; a basic understanding. This type of fraud refers to any intentional misrepresentation or omission made by a borrower or lender. Most importantly in the mortgage lending process with the intention of gaining an advantage or financial benefit. This can involve lying about income, employment history, or debt levels in order to qualify for a larger mortgage. In additions, inflating the value of a property in order to secure a larger loan amount can be criminal.

Get help with mortgage fraud
Mortgage Fraud Help

This type of fraud can also involve the use of fraudulent documentation. For example, false identities, such as fake income verification documents or false identities will, and because of this can mean trouble. These are often used to obtain multiple mortgages. Because, some cases, mortgage fraud can also involve collusion between multiple parties, such as real estate agents. Even appraisers, and lenders can be used to artificially inflate the value of a property. TAs a result, this can help them secure a larger loan amount. A more in-depth way to get mortgage fraud help

Real estate and mortgage fraud is illegal. It can result in serious legal consequences for those involved, including fines, imprisonment, and damage to credit scores. This is because, it can also have serious consequences for the broader economy. This often contributes to the destabilization of financial institutions and lead to a rise in foreclosures and other forms of financial distress. Everyone should understand and know where to get mortgage help basics.

Keynote Speakers on Mortgage Fraud

Outstanding keynote speakers that you’ll hear at mortgage banker and broker conferences can provide educational information on ethics for mortgage professionals on ethics. Doing a google search on the internet can help the pros as well as the average consumer. The top 3 reasons to attend a mortgage or real estate conference are:

  • to educate yourself against liability in your profession
  • find out how to look for red flags with consumers looking to commit mortgage fraud
  • obtain ethics continuing education credit to maintain your professional designation

Jerome Mayne is one of the top keynote speakers that you’ll see at mortgage conferences and conventions. He speaks on fraud, ethics and has a unique perspective on these topics given the fact that he one of the only public speakers in the industry who is a former felon.