Investment Help For Average People

What is an Investment

When I was a child, my big brother always asked me if I wanted to pool my money with his. He would only ask me this, of course, when I had more money than him.  I would save my money; my allowance, and he would spend his.

One day, I decided to do it.  I told him that I would put my money in a jar, along with his. We agreed that we could both use the money, but if you were the one who took it out, you had to pay it back and also had to give the other person a quarter.

This was a crude form of investing.  If I didn’t want to use the money that we both put into the jar, I would still make money on the interest.

Basics of Investing

Remember the good ol’ days of pooling money in a jar with your sibling? Well, welcome to the grown-up version of that! Basics of Investing is like that jar, but instead of quarters, we’re talking stocks, bonds, and maybe a few gold coins if you’re feeling fancy. Investing isn’t just about hoping your big brother doesn’t spend all the money; it’s about making smart choices and letting your money work for you. Dive into our Basics of Investing blog post to learn how to upgrade from jars to juicy returns!